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Choose Organic. Choose Recycled. Choose Respect.

Who Are We & What Are We About?

“We believe that high quality, long lasting, environmentally friendly clothing should be reasonably priced and have a positive impact on the planet in all aspects.”

Started by a conversation on a chair lift and inspired by the adventurous human spirit, Charmio was born in 2019 out of a passion and love of sports, the outdoors, and the idea of a sustainable future for the planet. We believe that high quality, long lasting, environmentally friendly clothing should be reasonably priced and have a positive impact on the planet in all aspects. This allows the full spectrum of people to have access to quality clothing and not just those that can afford it.

Whether it’s riding fresh powder on a mountain, climbing a new line up a cliff face, surfing a wave on a beautiful beach or simply walking along the street, we want Charmio Organic Clothing to be there with you. Charmio will be resisting the snow, rock and salt along with anything else your adventurous life can throw at it. We believe in Escaping the ordinary and embracing the adventure all the while minimising our impact on the planet.

Life tells us to keep pushing harder, further, bigger and through these feelings we seek elevation and chase the next goal, through this we push the boundaries of the sports we love and engage something deep inside ourselves in the pursuit of the sensation of existence, the feeling of being truly alive.

Fresh lines down a beautiful open face is one of the best sensations life can give.

“We will keep these ideas at the heart of the company and use them to guide our decisions and products”

Charmio has been born from our passion for the outdoors, our craving for adventure and a love of our planet. From this we have based our on company on several founding principles which will be followed in all aspects of our lives and into our business.

1. The idea of creating something which stands for helping each other all the way through as everyone travels through this life on their own path, be it staff members or customers, we maybe on our own but our lives cross and intertwine with someone else at almost every moment.

2. We will use our profits to help rebuild the world which gives us so much. We will be looking into several possible ideas from charitable donations to planting trees.

3. Our love of sports, and three sports in particular have shaped our lives thus far, skiing, surfing and climbing. We chase our passions, climb to the top and ride back down again; whether it’s a mountain, a wave or abseiling back from the top of a climbing pitch.

We will keep these ideas at the heart of the company and use them to guide our decisions and products. This will keep it fair from production to customer providing good standards for everyone along the way. Profit is important as it allows us to reinvest, develop and grow but profit will never be the over riding goal pushing all other ideals to the wayside, we can not eat or breathe money so our planet must be first and foremost. Without solid foundations and moral obligations to others and the planet no company should profit.

The world is changing, for good or bad its us (the consumer) who will decide. Voting with your money is one of the biggest things we can do along with raising awareness.

Moving back into nature will allow you to find out so much about yourself.

Core Values

A clothing company who will aid in the development of skiers, surfers and climbers through sponsorship and maintaining our beliefs. We will also contribute what we can to the planet ensuring it is their for the generations to come, we haven’t inherited this planet from our ancestors we are merely guardians of the planet for the next generation.


We believe our products should be environmentally friendly, sustainable, innovative and exciting while benefiting the end user.

Long Term

We will endeavour to maintain our company beliefs and core values using these to aid us creating long term goals and high quality products. Sustainability has to be a corner stone of longevity.

The future will be green or not at all. – Bob Brown

Creative, Organised & Efficient

We operate to targets and goals efficiently and effectively but we also need to free the creative spirit which sits inside nearly everyone of us. Nobody has ever had an original thought… our thoughts and ideas are the sum of all the experiences and life events that have happened to us and around us, from this we take the idea of never stopping our adventures, never stopping our explorations and all this leads to our ideas and creations.

Who Am I?

My friends and family have been very supportive through out and I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

Me & the team of surf instructors.

I started skiing at the age of 18 and instantly fell in love. After 4 years of working in nightclubs and hotels I decided I would pass my first BASI ski instructor exams and turn my passion of skiing into my job. I passed my exams and started working in Champoluc, Italy, in the Aosta Valley – I spent 6 years living and teaching there. Through the winters I lived in Italy and the summers living and surfing in the South of France.

I eventually uprooted and decided to finish my final exams; I moved to Morzine for the winter and started training. One afternoon in Morzine as we travelled up a chair lift we began discussing sustainability and the environmental impact created by the ski industry we loved so much. We discussed everything from the lifts, ski wax, salting the roads and the run off, the vast amounts of rubbish created in the resorts and the intensively produced, non-biodegradable aspect to most of the clothing we wore and equipment we used. There are products emerging on the sustainable side of the ski industry; some resorts are turning to solar and hydroelectric power such as Saas Fee, some companies are making bamboo ski poles – Poleplant and there is now also biodegrable ski wax avaliable – Nzero Wax.

Skiing has generally not been an Eco and climate friendly sport but the future of skiing is directly impacted by the climate, perhaps more so that the majority of other sports, time for skiing to start changing.

Returning home after a day of skiing offpiste.

Skiing has been a sport for the better off (which is why I started doing seasons – I couldn’t afford to ever go on a ski holiday!) Besides that the Organic clothing industry which skier type people enjoy wearing is generally expensive. The idea that things benefiting both people and the earth should cost a lot is null. If it costs a lot then it is not available to the majority of people and if it is not accessible to everyone then the positive impact for the earth will be substantially reduced. If everyone has access to clothing and items that benefit health, the environment and don’t cost too much then the effects will be greatly improved and multiplied. If we want to make a change then we don’t need a few people making big changes, we need lots of people making small changes which will then culminated into a movement. This movement which can change everything. These thoughts and ideas helped shaped my ideas and plans for the creation of Charmio. My friends and family have been very supportive through out and I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

A rainy day in Paris

I have recently been spending a lot of time in Paris due to some commitments and I have found the environmentally friendly, eco-conscious, healthy movement to be moving and developing at a fast pace. Several places are claiming to be achieving this but it is simple green washing and behind closed doors they continue the same practices with just a new fancy veneer of “green-ness”. Why? Obviously to cash in on the green movement but surely as you develop and learn about it it should become apparent that the planet should come before profit. If we operate businesses fairly and openly then no one will be left behind, the communities and people involved will benefit as well as all those surrounding and most importantly the planet.