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Name: Becci Skelton
Hometown: Barton Upon Humber in the flatlands of North Lincolnshire.
Currently resides in: Mainly my self converted van where ever I park her.
Number of years riding: About 6
Why ride: The adrenaline, the challenge, the escape; I just love it.
Sponsors: Charmio, Rocky Mountain, Fox, Maxxis, Peatys Products, Hunt Wheels, 100%
Favourite Bike: Probably my Rocky Mountain Slayer: It can just do anything.
Inspired by: My mum
Favourite place to ride: Too many! Really love Revolution bike park though.
Favourite thing outside of mountain biking: My border collie, Esme: but she normally rides with me so does that count??




Becci has just set up her own company – an online Mountain Bike Personal Training service. It gives you tailored training plans, videos, nutritional plans, mountain bike advice along with a whole host of other services.

Becci's dedicated training programs.

Becci Wears:

The "Good Times Forever" T-Shirt in Black
The Charmio Sweatshirt in Dark Heather Blue