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Our Project

We Are Charmio

Since our inception as a company our founding principles have been to use organic and recycled materials to make high quality clothing for skiers, snowboarders, surfers and outdoor adventurers. We will guard these ideals and they will never change.
We have written about our manufacturing processes in “Eco Philosophy – Our Promise To The World”

“When we launched Charmio, sustainability and environmental consciousness were deremed to be absolutely necessary to build the brand.”

Today, our goal as always is to be fully commited to be responsible with the whole cycle of our products: the design, the sourcing of materials, the creation, the use, passing them on and then the end of life. We appreciate all who join us on this adventure”

We Are Eco-Designed

We make sure to use materials that are sustainably sourced, organic and recycled in the vast majority of our products. The thoughts of how these materials affect the environment and the people that wear them is important, as the long term health of the planet is key.

Long life of our products is another important factor in consideration due to lots of fabric ending up in landfill and being burnt. We discuss fast fashion here. This has a disastrous carbon impact on the environment. We actively encourage for our clothing to be passed on to others who will enjoy it after you may have grown out of it.

We Are Organic

Our T-Shirts are made of 100% organic cotton and manufactured using soley wind and solar power in India. Our Sweatshirts and Hoodies are made of 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester and made responsibly in Bangladesh – our suppliers maintain a high level of commitment to standards in the factory . The staff have good working conditions maintained to the GOTS-Certified standard and audited by the Fair Wear Foundation.

Organic cotton farming does not use GM seeds, pesticides, or chemical fertilisers. It aims to preserve biodiversity, restore and build up the soil, and it saves a lot of water. We have written an article about the benefits of organic farming which covers this subject in more detail here.

An organic farm produces 94% less carbon emissions than a convententional.

We Are Recycled

We make all of our products out of organic cotton which is sometimes blended with recycled polyester. It is key that 100% of our products achieve this and continue to achieve this.

5 Steps from a plastic bottle to a recycled polyester fabric:

Plastic Bottles
Plastic PET bottles are picked up and sorted by type and colour
They are stripped of their labels and caps. Then, they are washed, crushed and chopped into flakes.
The flakes undergo a second melting and are made into consistently shaped pellets.
The pellets are melted and extruded to make fiber. The fiber is crimped, cut, drawn and stretched, then baled.
The baled fiber is processed and blended in with the organic cotton to make the fabric of our sweatshirts and hoodies. We will also be using recycled polyester when we move into jackets and outerwear in the future.

“The future will be green or not at all.”

Bob Brown

We Are Low Carbon


Products travelling 10,000 km by boat have the same carbon impact as those that travel 900 km by truck.

CO2 emissions linked to the type of transportation can represent 50 % of the total carbon impact of a product

Solar & Wind Energy

We use solar and wind energy where possible to manufacture our products. We are proud that our T-Shirts are carbon neutral and are manufactured using solely wind and solar energy.

We Are Looking To The Future

We are aiming for a greener, fairer future

In the future we aim to keep increasing the sustainability and minimising the environmental impact of our products. We aim to increase the rights and benefits to our workers both domestic and abroad therefore leading to a more balanced and equal society.