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The Charmio Project

We Are Charmio

Since our inception as a company the founding principles of Charmio have been to use sustainable, organic and recycled materials to make high quality clothing. Aimed at people like us – skiers, snowboarders, surfers, climbers and those keen to protect nature we want to make sustainable clothing a regular thing rather only for those who can afford it. 

"When we launched Charmio, sustainability and environmental consciousness were deemed to be absolutely necessary to build the brand."​

We Are Eco Designed

We make sure to use materials that are sustainably sourced, organic and recycled in all of our products. The thought of how these materials will affect the environment and the people that wear them is as important to us as the long term health of the planet. Everything is interlinked.

Fast Fashion is having a disastrous effect on the planet ending up with lots of clothes and fabric ending up polluting rivers with their dyes and toxic chemicals, ending up in landfills, and being burnt.   We actively encourage our clothing to be passed on to others who will enjoy it after you may have grown out of it and even before purchasing from us can you find something second hand that will serve the purpose?

We Are Organic

The choice to use organic was an easy one – better for you, better for those who grow it, and  better for the planet. All the cotton we use is 100% organic. Adhering to the GOTS standard for organic cotton is incredibly important and ensures the highest standards for those who work with it in regards to working conditions, pay etc and also the quality of the end product. Organic cotton farming does not use GM seeds, pesticides or chemical fertilisers. It aims to preserve biodiversity, restore and build up the soil and it saves a lot of water in the process. 

"An organic farm produces 94% less carbon emissions than a conventional."

We Are Recycled

We mainly use organic cotton but in our sweatshirts we blend in 15% recycled polyester this is mainly made from discarded plastic bottles.

We Are Fair Trade

All of our women’s t-shirts are part of the Fair Share Project which makes sure that all those involved in the production and manufacturing of the t-shirt receive a percentage of each sale of each t-shirt sold. This is then distributed through all the workers evenly and increases their monthly salary. 

We Are Low Carbon

At Charmio all of our t-shirts are produced using factories powered only by renewable energies, and our sweatshirts are working towards that goal. One big consideration towards carbon emissions is how the clothing is transported and we minimise this by using shipping where we can – for example products travelling 10,000 km by boat have the same carbon impact as those that travel 900 km by truck.

We Are Looking To The Future

We are aiming for a greener, fairer future which continues to increase the sustainability of our products, reduce our impact and make the world a greener place.

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