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Women’s Open Neck ‘Skateboard Bear’ T-Shirt




The bears who board are the best bears of all, although the others bears are pretty cool too!

This open necked T-Shirt is made of 100% combed organic cotton and produced solely by renewable energy sources; this T-Shirt is both environmentally friendly and long lasting. The benefits of organic cotton are numerous for both our health and the environment; therefore it should be sought out when ever possible over the majority of other fabrics.

Fashion has been and remains a statement of personality and is a powerful vessel for spreading messages and sparking debate and ideas through conversation. Charmio represents a way to engage the world and spread positivity through out.

  • Sustainable, Vegan and Eco-friendly in materials, mentality and production.
  • Made using only solar and wind energy.
  • Climate neutral.
  • 100% Combed Organic Cotton for stronger, longer lasting clothing.
  • Weight 130g.
  • Water based non-toxic inks.


Why Choose Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is much better for you, your skin and the environment at large. Organic cotton is farmed without the heavy pesticide use which is standard practice in conventional cotton farming.  Organic cotton farming means that the pesticides are not left in the soil after harvest or transferred down the production line to our skin which can cause allergic reactions and environmental damage.  Organic cotton uses less water to achieve a harvest – although it takes longer for the harvest to mature, the environmental impact is far reduced which benefits everyone from nature, to farmer and consumer.

As well as the environmental and health benefits of organic cotton farming, the organic cotton we have selected comes with the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS). Using GOTS cotton means that the factories are regularly independently inspected, they carry strict social criteria that must be met which ensures fair practice and proper treatment of the staff and without even needing to say this means no forced labour and no child labour.  The Global Textile Standard covers all stages of production from field to shop and is a very positive step in the right direction for the textiles industry as a whole.


Why Use Waterbased Inks?

The majority of printed garments in the current market use the cheaper plasticol inks which contain environmentally damaging PVC and phtalates.  We have chosen not to use these as it would void our entire aim to maintain our sustainable, vegan and environmentally friendly standards. The inks we have chosen contain no toxic chemicals and are also free from lead and other such heavy metals.  This means that they also do not contain toxic chemicals suchs as CFCs and HCFCs, aromatic hydrocarbons or any other volatile solvents.   For us, the use of water based inks is another key point to maintaining and achieving our goals. It is also worth stating the obvious that the inks are not tested on animals nor do they contain any animal products.


Why Are We Vegan?

We pride ourselves on the fact that no animals are used or have been harmed throughout the making of any of our products. This is an important factor in our business as it follows well with the rest of our ideals and principles. We maintain the core belief that clothing should be safe (for all beings), humane, follow ethical manufacturing processes and use sustainable and organic materials.  Veganism has strong principles and we believe we align with the core values and pride ourselves in being a sustainable, organic and a vegan brand.

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Womens Open Necked T-Shirt EP09

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Womens Open Necked T-Shirt EP09
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