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Euan     Mitchell

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Name: Euan Mitchell
Currently resides in: 
Number of years skiing:
Why ski: 
Sponsors: Charmio Organic Wear
Favourite Skis: Black Crow Nocta
Inspired by: 
Favourite place to ski: 
Favourite thing outside of skiing:


Euan is one of the kindest and most humble people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and also one of the most talented skiers I have ever seen. He glides through powder with such finesse and sends it off of any and every cliff that he comes across. He also rips on the piste with big carves and such incredible agility, he has the power to adapt to what ever he faces on the mountain.  Another string to Euan’s “bow” is his ability as a photographer to capture moments in incredible detail, bringing the passion and the essence of the moment to the forefront of peoples minds allowing them to see exactly what he was aiming to achieve in that instant.

Euan is also working as a ski instructor in Canada and can be found through his ski instructor facebook page which is linked both here and above.

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